Hoverboard Hoverkart Go Karting Seat for Self Balance Scooter 6.5 8 10 inch

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Amazing product!!!

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This product is amazing. I love it so much. My kids are obsessed with them. The quality is impeccable. Will definitely consider buying another soon.
MY SON LOVE this thing. I feel justified in writing my unsolicited review now...
Price is right, build is solid, unique design excellent frame with a seat design allow for a fast ride with great control. and (in my opinion) the size and agility greatly reduce the factor. I truly believe that if this had been first product, it\'s what everyone would be riding now.
Make no mistake, this is as far from last years "flaming hover boards of death" as a canoe is from a cruise ship. This thing does all the work, becomes an extension of yourself, and in my son\'s words "It\'s addictive". I see more of these in my family\'s future, since the price has come down and I think I\'ll be letting my 13yr old grandson have a turn at it next weekend.

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